Pitching-Brette Lawrence

Cardio & Spinning

Liz Joseph

Tutoring-Paris Collier

Recruitment-Chuck Lovitt

Managing Partner

Coach Rick Joseph

In 2012 Chuck created Play Up Athletics, and developed the Athletic Edge College Preparation and Recruitment Program, to meet the needs of the many athletes, everywhere, who have aspirations to play and study at the next level. Chuck has been credited with assisting hundreds student athletes from across the country, in a variety of sports, reach their goal of collegiate athlete as well as negotiating the challenges and adversities associated with attending college.

As a University of Nevada student, she is a Double Major in Biology and Spanish. Her tutoring strengths will be a strong emphasis in Biology, Spanish, English, Math, Chemistry, Physics, Anatomy and other sciences for our members. She has been tutoring students for five years and not only is on the UNR’s Distinguished Deans List but is working towards Pre-Med and eventually will become a pediatrician. She is a member of the Medical Fraternity Phi Delta Epsilon & also Delta Gamma Women’s Fraternity.

Brette graduated in 2013 from Spanish Springs High School and was the lefty pitcher you really didn’t want to face on any day. As a two time All North Player of the Year and two times 1st Team All State as well as Gatorade Player of the Year Nominee, Brette took her skill to Division 1 Big East Villanova and showed the east coast what we have on the west coast, pure talent and heart.

With a Master’s Degree in Kinesiology and a passion for fitness, Liz Joseph has focused on and taught fitness & cardio for over 20 years.  Realizing that proper conditioning and training is a core pillar in the success of an athlete, Liz strives to assure that her students not only are working on the physical and mental aspect but also understand the muscle matrix and movement in order to not injure the body.  Liz has trained and particiapted in many century (100 mile bike races) and triathlons as well as long distance running.

With over 30 years of coaching, 20 in softball, Coach Rick brings to the organization the knowledge of not only the game and recruitment but the business side of the game.  As a collegiate football player, a gold medal AAU Judo Champion, a successful business owner and family man, Rick attributes his success to the guidance of his parents growing up.  Coach Rick has assisted numerous athletes in reaching their goals of going to college.  His main focus with D1-SBA is to assure that his athletes have the grades, skills and knowledge to get into college and leave with a degree. 

Never Quit, Ever!

D1SBA has numerous active college coaches that put on clinics.  Because of NCAA rules and in order to stay in compliance, all clinics are open to the public via our registration process & we do not mention coaches by name unless approved by their instituion and compliance department.  Registration for the clincs may be limited and are on a first come first serve basis.  Interested individuals may stop by the academy and see what coaches are providing clinics for that week.