focusing on education first!

Our founder has spent over 30 years coaching various sports and just slightly less than 20 years in the softball world. One common denominator was found year after year.  Girls programs took a back seat to boys programs.  Missing was the educational aspect as well as making the girls a priority and not a secondary in education as well as the sport.  D1-SBA focuses on education first “As there is no college softball without the grades to get in.”, while training, both the physical "Body" and mental "Mind" while offering the ability to work out as needed.  Enter DiVision 1 Softball Academy.

MORE THAN TRAINING, it is a sense of being!

Now mixing training and a academic curriculum isn't new; however, by adding in lightheartedness and sense of fun certainly is. That's what sets our programs and training apart and is big reason so many players, parents, and teams approach us. We know how to bring out the best in softball players and we do it with a sense of understanding that you have to have fun in order to be a success.

Hitting, Pitching and Fielding Facility
Yes...Your own private workout facility!